South West Scotland

Mark Nurse MILSA,

Mark Nurse – Stocktaker South West Scotland & North Cumbria

Based in Dumfries covering Carlisle Kilmarnock & Ayr

I decided to become a Stockcheck Franchisee back in 1988. It was an opportunity for me to continue working in the hospitality trade while being part of an organization, all while maintaining my independence.

In terms of my Stockcheck business, it has grown steadily over the years. One of the advantages of running your own business is the ability to manage your own diary and working hours. I’ve been successful in establishing franchises in two separate regions of the UK, a decision I made due to family reasons.

Before joining Stockcheck, I held various managerial positions within the licensed trade, including breweries in the south of England.

My experience as a Stockcheck Franchisee has been extensive, spanning over 35 years. I’ve worked with a diverse range of clients, from 5-star hotels and national chains to community pubs and village bowling clubs.

Being a Stocktaker in South West Scotland & North Cumbria, what sets me apart from the stocktaking competition is my nearly four decades of stocktaking experience. It’s built on excellent communication with customers and ensuring their satisfaction by consistently providing professional advice at the highest standards.

As for a noteworthy experience while stocktaking, one that comes to mind is when I mistook Jason Donovan for the breakfast waiter at a 5-star hotel in Glasgow. It was a rather embarrassing moment!

Outside of stocktaking, I have a range of interests. I’m a keen road cyclist and enjoy both indoor and outdoor swimming. I’ve been supporting the same football team since my dad took me to see them at the age of 4, and now I travel across the country with my son to support them at matches. I also relish travel, theatre, music, reading, and cinema.

If I could go back in time and offer my former self advice, it would be to start saving for my pension as soon as I started earning.

For anyone considering a franchise, the appeal lies in being your own boss and having the opportunity to build your own client base within a national framework. Profile