Corporate stocktaking services you can count on

Stockcheck is one of the country’s leading independent hospitality stocktaking enterprises and it’s easy to see why! For clients who operate multiple sites and require group stock management reports, the company’s corporate service is for you, with: – Standard reporting across all sites, group results and a dedicated head office client manager as a central contact for administration and liaison.

With more than 30 years’ experience of a diverse client range, our extensive network of knowledgeable, professional, stock auditors can accommodate your needs no matter how large or small, from regional Pub Co.’s to prestigious nationwide Hotel and Restaurant groups, Cocktail Bars and Leisure outlets.

Accurate and consistent stocktaking is an essential part of controlling costs and managing profitability in all aspects of food and beverage operations…. often the difference between success and failure. Stockcheck’s experts will ensure profitability is maximised at every opportunity.

Key elements in our easy to understand reports show precisely how your business is performing on a site by site, regional, group or national basis. Your stock report will be tailored to your individual needs, with standardised reporting throughout our stocktaking network, ensuring like for like comparisons and performances can be monitored across multiple sites.

“Many Corporate clients already take advantage of our combined software and stocktaking service as a cost effective way to improve profit margins across multiple sites, providing a standard reporting platform throughout their business”

Stephen Grantham, Stockcheck

Key features of a Stockcheck stocktaking service:

  • Single Bar or Multiple area reporting
  • Download sample report here
  • Cash checks and reconciliations
  • Valuation Certificates
  • Bar or Food stock results
  • Group and Site reporting available
  • Financial period revaluations
  • Business transfers
  • Corporate review meetings
  • Barrelage and YTD reporting
  • Cost analysis and recommendations
  • Individually tailored service

Logonn – Our online stock management system

In addition to traditional stocktaking services, our internet-based stock management system ‘Logonn’ provides a valuable and efficient tool to conduct in-house stock auditing, with 24/7 access and support by stocktaking experts. Operating from any internet-connected PC, LOGONN allows interim stock results, line checks and historical reporting at a time suitable to the end user, all for a fraction of the costs of other comparable systems.

Discover more about Logonn and download a free trial at:

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