North East & Northumberland

Malcolm Graham FILSA

Malcolm Graham – Stocktaker Northeast

Based in Sunderland and covering Newcastle, Teeside and Darlington

Having the support and guidance of the parent company has been a tremendous help on my journey.

My franchise business has experienced remarkable growth, allowing me to be selective and support businesses that are receptive to my advice. Seeing them embrace the guidance and witnessing their improvements is truly gratifying.

I began my career by joining Thornton Baker accountants right out of school, which provided me with a valuable foundation in basic business principles. Later, I moved on to a Sunderland-based stocktaking business, where the prospect of a company car was especially appealing at the time. Subsequently, I relocated to Torquay, where I gained an extensive amount of experience working with a forward-thinking company. It was during this period that I realized I wanted to work for myself.

The key to the expansion of my business as a Stocktaker in the Northeast has been hard work, commitment, and the utilization of exceptional, second-to-none software, in addition to the invaluable support from the Franchise.

My primary focus has been on passing on best practices, providing 24/7 service, and dedicating time to people who require support.

In one instance, I was servicing a club that had over 40 dozen Holstein Pils and LCL cans approaching their expiry dates. I recommended that they reduce their stock and remove those items, but they chose to buy more, believing that they were “selling well”.

Outside of work, my two Cocker Spaniels keep my wife and me quite occupied. I enjoy watching Sunderland play, even if it’s a bit of a trial at times, and I relish the pre-match meetups with good friends, often continuing the camaraderie after the game. I take pleasure in activities like walking, cycling, reading non-fiction, cooking, and caring for our grand-daughter, as well as being a foster carer. Spending time with my wife is a priority, and we regularly plan outings and tick off interests from our bucket list. I don’t dwell on the distant future too much, and as long as I maintain my enthusiasm, I intend to work hard and enjoy life to the fullest.

If I were to offer advice, I’d say, “Be brave and be your own person. Strive to be a good individual, but don’t waste your time trying to prove it.”

Working as a Stocktaker in the Northeast, support is essential because working on your own can be quite isolating and, at times, overwhelming. Profile