Harrogate, North & West Yorkshire

Bill Kendrick

Bill Kendrick – Stocktaker North Yorkshire

Based in Leeds and covering York, Harrogate, East Coast

After spending 30 years running my own bars and restaurants, I reached a point where I was ready to return home to Yorkshire and continue working in the hospitality industry, albeit without the constant demands of a front-line position. It turned out to be a great decision, and it has worked really well for me.

I thoroughly enjoy being an integral part of my clients’ businesses, helping them navigate the complexities of modern hospitality. While my primary role is to contribute to making their businesses more profitable, my past experiences also allow me to engage in discussions on broader matters from time to time. Over the past decade, this approach has proven to be a successful one, and I have had the privilege of working with a diverse range of clients, from Michelin Star Restaurants to small clubs.

My journey began as a self-employed, award-winning multi-site operator following my university education. Despite having worked various bar jobs during my youth, I had never seriously considered a career in hospitality until an opportunity presented itself. It seems that hospitality might indeed be in my blood, as my grandfather ran an iconic pub in York during and after the war. Interestingly, none of my three children have been tempted by the industry, so perhaps it’s not for everyone.

Working with Stockcheck provides an excellent balance. It allows me to introduce clients to the reassurance and competence of a national company while also pursuing my own endeavours and serving local and independent clients.

Experience, experience, experience – that’s the key. As mentioned earlier, I leverage my wealth of experience along with technical proficiency to produce personalized and useful reports. This, combined with in-depth discussions about the indications for business development, sets me apart.

Every day as a Stocktaker in North Yorkshire is interesting, as each client has unique requirements. Adapting to these needs can be challenging, but I’m an outgoing and extroverted individual, and I always find room for a bit of humour in various situations. Conducting competitor analysis is a significant aspect of my work, and the findings often make a substantial difference to a business’s competitiveness. I constantly bring my everyday experiences from the outside world and other businesses to my clients’ attention.

Outside of work, I’m an avid fisherman and a proud owner of a happy little dog. I have three children who have all launched into the world, and I remarried about five years ago. I now reside in Boroughbridge, providing easy access to the A1 and allowing me to reach most parts of Yorkshire quickly. When dining out, I’m more concerned with the service than the food, but I do enjoy a nice pint of Timothy Taylor’s.

If I could offer my former self any advice, it would be “Be careful who you marry!”

This profession is a brilliant way to stay connected with the hospitality industry and assist others in thriving. It offers the flexibility to manage your own earnings potential and diary without the long hours and stress that often come with front-line hospitality roles.

Running a business without a stocktaker is like stepping into your bar or restaurant naked every day. Few industries require such regular and detailed information, and stocktakers serve a crucial purpose. While outsourcing some services may cost money, if your stocktaker is not more than covering their cost over the year, it might be time for a change!