Karen Thompson

Karen Thompson –  Stocktaker North Cumbria

Based in Keswick and covering Penrith, Carlisle, Whitehaven

On October 21, I made the decision to continue working with people in the hospitality industry, just as I have for the past 30 years.

Since I purchased my Stockcheck Franchise my workload has consistently increased month by month. Now, after nine months, I find myself working with a fully booked diary, serving some wonderful clients, and earning what I believe is a good income for my efforts. I feel that work-life balance can be tailored to suit one’s preferences, and for me, it means working five days a week with my evenings and weekends free. What I love most about my business is the flexibility it offers. However, what I dislike are the early mornings, but the positive aspects far outweigh the challenges.

Before taking on my franchise, I had worked at the general manager/owner level in the hospitality industry for the majority of the last 30 years. This extensive experience has enabled me to support my clients and truly understand the challenges they face.

As a Stocktaker in North Cumbria, my experience of running my franchise has been very positive, although I also recognize that luck has played a part. My client base has grown at a reasonable pace, largely thanks to the support I’ve received from Mike and Andrew. They’ve not only passed on work, both national accounts and private clients, but they’ve also been incredibly patient with my occasional technophobia.

What I believe sets me apart is the support and experience I can share with my clients. I’ve come to realize that, regardless of the size of their business, clients are always eager to learn how they can improve their profit margins and enhance their operations.

As a Stocktaker in North Cumbria, I’ve also come to understand that being absolutely honest with clients is a must. Whether it’s good news, bad news, or the ugly truth, it’s essential to provide them with your observations and experience to help them avoid pitfalls and achieve improvements more efficiently, ultimately benefiting their profits.

Outside of my business, my family includes a husband, mom, and four Chihuahuas that keep me busy. We enjoy our holidays and love walking in the beautiful Cumbrian countryside. My main goal with my business is to expand in the coming years and continue moving forward in this busy working environment, which is ultimately very rewarding.

I was initially apprehensive about changing direction, but now I’m glad I made the switch. I should not have waited so long.

A Stocktaker in North Cumbria is a fulfilling career, providing a good living while working for yourself in a self-driven and flexible environment. Profile