Neil Paisley

Neil Paisley – Stocktaker Glasgow West

Based in Glasgow and covering Edinburgh, Stirling, Paisley

I decided to become a Stockcheck Franchisee because I wanted to have my own business that utilized the experience I had gained from my previous career. I’ve been holding the franchise for over 5 years now.

Being a Stocktaker in Glasgow West, my Stockcheck business has seen growth from a relatively low starting point to a good level, thanks to existing customers and contacts supplying leads. Support from Stockcheck, especially with national customers, was vital in the beginning. Once I got up and running, it became easier to strike a work-life balance that suits me. Organizing my diary to ensure I can take holidays has been essential in achieving this balance.

Before joining Stockcheck, I worked for a major national Brewer/Retailer in various corporate management roles, including Business Development and Purchasing. I also had experience working for a small Regional Brewer/Retailer in similar roles.

In my experience of operating a Stockcheck Franchise, gaining clients has been crucial. I’ve also had the opportunity to work with national accounts, and when relevant, I’ve collaborated with other Stocktakers as part of a team.

As a Stocktaker in Glasgow West, what sets me apart from the stocktaking competition is a combination of reliable software that processes efficiently, allowing me the time to analyze and understand the results thoroughly.

One noteworthy experience I’ve had while stocktaking was with a client who initially struggled but eventually became my biggest customer. It was a lesson in perseverance.

Outside of Stocktaking, I have several interests. I’m a passionate football fan and have held a season ticket for over 30 years. I enjoy going to the cinema and hill walking. I also appreciate a good beer and a nice meal.

If I could go back in time and offer advice to my former self, it would be to think about the option of self-employment earlier, as it gives you more control over your future in many ways.

For anyone considering a franchise, it’s appealing because it offers flexibility and the opportunity to set your own pace and workload, for the most part. Profile