South Suffolk & Essex

Carol Knight,

Carol Knight – Stocktaker Essex & Suffolk

Based in Chelmsford and covering Colchester, Ipswich, Southwold

My journey into stocktaking was influenced by my family’s deep-rooted connection with the hospitality industry. My parents were seasoned family hoteliers, and once they retired following the sale of our family hotel, my brother ventured into stocktaking with Stockcheck. He encouraged me to follow suit, as we both had a genuine fondness for the hospitality trade, and stocktaking offered a way to stay engaged with it.

Approximately 21 years ago, I invested in a franchise that covered various sectors, including pubs, clubs, small and large hotels, and even warehouse counts. The business expanded rapidly, attracting many corporate clients and hotels. I relish the autonomy of being my own boss, the opportunity to travel to different locations, meet diverse individuals, and build lasting relationships with regular clients.

As mentioned earlier, my family had a strong presence in the hotel industry. Together with my elder brother, we operated as a close-knit family business, acquiring hotels in Essex, Sussex, and, ultimately, Suffolk.

My career as a Stocktaker Essex & Suffolk has exposed me to a wide array of sites, ranging from large and small hotels to pubs, clubs (including the Royal British Legion, Jockey, Golf & Health/Spa clubs), Thai, Chinese, and Italian restaurants, as well as restaurants and cafes located on university campuses.

Notably, one of my hotels was featured in a Channel Four documentary.

Outside of work, I cherish spending time with my family, particularly when we go on holidays together. I am a doting grandmother to four grandsons, all under the age of seven, which keeps me delightfully occupied when I’m not working. My husband, a semi-retired farmer, now oversees the farm with the help of our youngest son. It warms my heart to see our two sons taking a keen interest in the farm, and our four grandsons relish their time on the combine or tractors during harvest. I have a passion for travel, a desire to dedicate more time to my garden, and a deep appreciation for good food and wine.

If you value the independence of being your own boss, enjoy meeting new people, relish the challenges of investigation and problem-solving, and have a fondness for driving, then a franchise in the licensed trade could be a perfect fit for you. Profile