Cumbria & North Lancashire

Austin Hayward MIH,

Austin Hayward – Stocktaker Cumbria & North Lancashire

Based in Windermere and covering Lancaster, Ulverston, Kendal

Back in the 80s, as a tech-savvy individual, I was on the lookout for innovative opportunities in the hospitality industry. Having spent my postgraduate years in hotels, pubs, and restaurants, I was seeking a change in direction. That’s when I stumbled upon a small developing business called Stockcheck, which provided both a promising business opportunity and the change in lifestyle I had been longing for.

My Stockcheck business has now been established for over 40 years, and I’ve retained clients who have been with me since the early days. To achieve a better quality of life and embrace a less urban lifestyle, I made the move from Manchester/Liverpool to the South Lakes/North Lanc’s region. Running one’s own business, while demanding, does offer a certain degree of flexibility in striking a work/life balance, although my wife might occasionally disagree with that! I have always taken pleasure in engaging with like-minded professionals and find immense satisfaction in contributing to the success of their businesses.

After graduating from Hollings College at Manchester Metropolitan University, I embarked on my management career with the NHS. This was followed by a short stint in nightclubs in Manchester and offshore work on oil platforms in the North Sea. Subsequently, my wife and I opened a restaurant in Liverpool. It was after the sale of the restaurant that I relocated to my current position as a Stockcheck Franchisee.

As a Stocktaker in Cumbria & North Lancashire, many of my clients have come to me through personal recommendations, a testament to the strong relationships I’ve forged.

I am dedicated to delivering the highest level of professional service possible, drawing not only from my experience as a stocktaker/auditor but also as an operator, chef, mixologist, and barista. I take the time to truly understand my clients’ businesses and engage with them on various aspects beyond just profitability.

One of my most rewarding experiences was serving as an expert witness for a client who was facing significant penalties from HMRC. I was able to demonstrate that their calculations were based on incorrect assumptions, resulting in a substantial reduction in penalties, saving them tens of thousands of pounds.

As an avid cyclist, I relish the breath-taking scenery in the area, although I must admit that some of the hills are a bit more challenging than they were 25 years ago! Over time, many of my clients have become friends, sharing common interests in sailing, cycling, football, cuisine, and even Stand-up comedy!