South Wales & Cardiff

Joanne Jones

Joanne Jones – Stocktaker Cardiff & West Wales

Based in Cardiff & surrounding and covering Swansea, Valleys & Carmarthenshire

Ten years ago, I made the decision to step away from the front-of-house side of the trade, but I still had a strong desire to pass on my experiences as a manager and owner to help others.

Most of my franchise business comes from word-of-mouth referrals, and I’m fortunate to have some wonderful clients who value the guidance and assistance I provide to help them improve their businesses. Over the course of these ten years, I’ve seen gradual but steady growth. The end of the month is undoubtedly a hectic period, but the middle of the month offers a chance to catch some much-needed rest, if desired.

I’ve been managing pubs and restaurants since the age of 18, working in both branded and privately owned establishments. My work includes running management induction courses and training assistant managers for branded pubs, as well as collaborating with kitchen teams to help them achieve their profitability margins.

My journey as a Stocktaker Cardiff & West Wales had a slow start in trading, but word of mouth has proven to be the most effective way to gain new clients, although I’ve also had the opportunity to work with some national accounts during these past ten years. While I primarily work independently, there are a few clients for whom a colleague and I undertake monthly projects.

For my private clients, I’m on 24-hour call, whether it’s to advise on product pricing, address on-site stock-related issues, or simply have a general catch-up. Feedback is a critical part of what I do, as it allows me to offer advice and methods to help my clients reach their goals.

In the world of managing kitchens, there’s a common belief that every chef is the best chef. However, when profit margins aren’t being met, and no one can pinpoint the issue, it’s time to request that your chef provides you with all the dish costings. Sometimes, you’ll receive a pile of dirty scraps of paper, covered in kitchen mess. You observe the dishes going out, and they match the specifications, supplier prices are correct, and the next chef produces the same dish with identical results. So, what’s going wrong? They’ve forgotten to add the VAT!

I’m a bit of a country bumpkin at heart and there’s nothing I enjoy more than going riding or walking the dogs, regardless of the weather (which is mostly rain in Wales). I also love dining out, trying new restaurants, and revisiting some of my favourites, all while savouring a few glasses of Rioja.

In my line of work, you have the flexibility to determine how much you want to work, but it’s essential to be prepared to put in the extra hours at the end of the month. However, it’s equally important to take time out whenever possible. Profile