Stocktaking for Events


Event Specialist Stocktakers

For stock auditing at large Football Stadiums, Cricket Grounds, Racecourses, and music event venues, you need a company with both the manpower and technical knowledge. Stockcheck has all this and more…..

Event stock management is generally high volume, with limited service times, and in most cases operated with temporary or event staff. This has the potential for high levels of stock loss and because of the high turnover levels, can also mean large cash losses.

Remember stock is not always linked to Food & Liquor. Promotional materials, or your businesses own products can also be monitored.

An independent professional stocktaking service is vital to the reduction in potential stock and cash loss.

All Stockcheck stocktakers are trained to the highest level, and of course fully understand the stock control procedures associated with these types of businesses.

Our professional stocktakers will highlight many of the following areas, all of which are necessary to achieve maximum profit potential from each event.

  • Stock control by multiple locations – Cellars, Individual Bars, Hospitality Boxes, VIP areas.
  • Consolidate all your results into a full event result.
  • Demonstrate stock controls to your staff – An effective deterrent is always better than reporting a loss after the event. The physical presence of stocktakers, monitoring stock, is proven to reduce losses.
  • Cash and Float checks – Interim or end of period checks.

By tracking these key elements needed to improve profitability, you can quickly take remedial action – prompt action saves money.

Stocktakers and Auditors for Football Stadiums, Cricket grounds, Racecourses Music Events. Providing the services of Stock Valuations, Change of Bar ownership, End of Year Stock Valuations.

Event Stock Management

Stockcheck supports event stock management for all types of events.

  • Football/Rugby stadiums
  • Leisure centres
  • Race courses
  • Music events
  • Cricket Matches
  • Corporate hospitality
  • Athletics and any kind of sporting event
  • Catering and Private events
  • On site results, individual bar results
  • Cash reconciliations

Food and Beverage Stocktaking for Groups.

Multi-site F&B stocktaking specialists

Key features of a Stockcheck’s stocktaking service:

  • Single Bar or Multiple area reporting
  • Download sample report here
  • Cash checks and reconciliations
  • Valuation Certificates
  • Bar or Food stock results
  • Group and Site reporting available
  • Financial period revaluations
  • Business transfers
  • Corporate review meetings
  • Barrelage and YTD reporting
  • Cost analysis and recommendations
  • Individually tailored service

Stockcheck is a leading Group Stocktaking specialist and it’s easy to see why!

For clients who operate multiple sites and require group stock management reports, the company’s corporate service is for you, with: – Standard reporting across all sites, group results and a dedicated head office client manager as a central contact for administration and liaison.

With more than 30 years’ experience of a diverse client range of clients, our extensive network of knowledgeable, professional, stock auditors can accommodate your needs no matter how large or small, from regional Pub Co.’s, Group Hotel Companies, Restaurant Chains, and Contract Catering businesses.

Accurate and consistent stocktaking is an essential part of controlling costs and managing profitability in all aspects of food and beverage operations…. often the difference between success and failure. Stockcheck’s experts will ensure profitability is maximised at every opportunity.

Key elements in our easy-to-understand Bar & Food Stock reports demonstrate precisely how your business is performing on a site by site, regional, group or national basis. Your stock report will be tailored to your individual needs, with standardised reporting throughout our stocktaking network, ensuring like for like comparisons and performances can be monitored across multiple sites.

Our Service Includes

Comprehensive ALL AREA reporting

On-site reports, available to you during or shortly after the event*

Our comprehensive level of reporting is designed for all business types and needs. Printed and electronic copies are available.


We have the experience to work with you in advance of the event. Looking at both cash and stock control plans, we’ll plan, monitor and report on the stock control performance of each event.

Increased Profitability

We know from experience that our service improves not only the professional way you run each event, but also increases overall profitability.


Download a sample events stock result here to see the depth and scope a good stock report from Stockcheck can provide.


*subject to information supplied