Hotel Stocktakers

Stockcheck’s stocktakers are able to provide a fully comprehensive stocktaking service to hotels across the United Kingdom.

All Stockcheck stocktakers are trained to the highest level, and of course fully understand the stock control procedures associated with hotels, whether private or corporately run.

Our professional stocktakers will highlight many of the following areas, all of which are necessary to achieve maximum profit potential for your business.

  • Identifying actual stock performance against expected – theft or stock loss.
  • Analysing your purchases – making sure you only pay for what you’ve agreed.
  • Product by Product analysis – ensuring every product line performs to the maximum.
  • Stockholding – identify if your cash is being held needlessly in a cellar instead of in your bank.
  • Gross Profit Calculator – reports the average profit values you make each day.
  • Cash checks, hydrometer tests and quality monitoring services.

As well as providing detailed stock information on a site by site basis, Stockcheck’s Corporate Management offer a range of additional services and support.

  • Multi-site Group Reporting – Financial performance rankings.
  • Group Reviews – Regular meetings with our Regional Accounts Manager responsible for your account. Review the past and plan for the future.
  • Logonn – the Company’s on-line stocktaking service.
  • Client Support – software, general stocktaking advice, or dedicated stock training sessions
  • Detailed Stocktaker reports – designed for your business, with detailed action points.