Bristol/Bath, Somerset & South Wiltshire

Anthony Hassid AHCIMA,

Tony Hassid – Stocktaker in Bristol.

With many years’ experience, as a Stockcheck franchisee in Bristol, I provide a range of stocktaking services to Licensed Trade & Hospitality customers throughout Bristol including Swindon, Bath, Portishead, Chippenham, Malmesbury, Bath

My services include:

  • Counting Stock: Conducting regular and precise counts of all stock, including alcoholic beverages, soft drinks, food items, and other supplies.
  • Identifying Discrepancies: Spotting any discrepancies between recorded stock levels and actual counts to detect potential theft, wastage, or accounting errors.
  • Implementing Controls: Suggesting and implementing control measures to reduce losses and improve stock security.
  • Analysing Costs: Assessing the cost-effectiveness of stock purchases and usage to help improve profitability.
  • Generating Reports: Creating detailed reports on stock levels, turnover rates, and financial metrics for management to review.
  • Advising on Practices: Offering advice on best practices for stock management, including storage, rotation, and shelf-life monitoring.

By meticulously managing your businesses inventory, I help maintain optimal stock levels, minimize losses, and support the financial health of the business. My work ensures that the site operates smoothly and efficiently, keeping customers satisfied and profits maximized.

Stock Audits:

    • Regular Audits: Performing periodic stock audits, which may be weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, depending on the size and turnover rate of the site.
    • Data Analysis: Utilizing data analytics to identify patterns and anomalies in stock usage, helping to predict future needs and detect issues early.
    • Supervising Practices: Overseeing the implementation of stock control procedures to ensure consistency and compliance.

Waste Management:

    • Waste Tracking: Monitoring and recording waste to identify areas where efficiencies can be improved.
    • Reduction Strategies: Developing strategies to minimise waste, such as better stock rotation, improved storage conditions, and training staff on portion control.

My Skills include: Attention to detail, strong analytical skills, proficiency with inventory software, good communication abilities, and a thorough understanding of the hospitality industry.

Experience: As a Stocktaker in Bristol and with prior experience in stock management, particularly within the hospitality my role is integral to the financial health and operational success of your business. Profile