Mike originally joined us as a Franchisee in the North Yorkshire area but has been an invaluable member of the head office team since 2006.

What’s your favourite part of working for Stockcheck? Speaking to clients, old and new. I always enjoy the diversity of clients we provide services for, but I particularly love our Hotel clients as this was my background.

As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? Air Traffic Controller. Sadly, the qualifications at the time proved to be more elusive than anticipated! So, I joined the British Transport Hotels as a Trainee Hotel Manager, starting off in Central London in the kitchens of the Charing Cross Hotel. At that time, a Hotel Management apprenticeship was a 7-year affair, working in all departments of the group’s hotels. This included many prestigious hotels at that time: Gleneagles, Turnberry and the Adelphi, Liverpool – where I met my wife.

What was your first job? Week 1, day 1: Assistant to the Chef de Partie Patisserie. Wow! So many cakes and goodies! Psychologically, I think my foray in to a bakery shop later in my career stemmed from these early experiences. I enjoyed working my way through the kitchen departments and almost moved towards becoming a chef at one point however, after a year working in France in front of house positions, I realised that was equally enjoyable. And less sweaty!

And… what was your worst job? A few years after completing my training, I joined a large corporate Hotel Group that was ultimately rather faceless. At that point, I decided to strike out on my own, with my wife, in a small restaurant in the Yorkshire Dales – an area that was to become my adopted homeland!

What do you like to do outside of work? I enjoy living in the country – I dinghy sail, weather and time permitting, at a small local sailing club and I have a passion for flying a drone. They don’t always go well together though!

What’s your tipple of choice? Must be wine of course, after a year in France. That does forge a love of the grape. I prefer a nice red, although I’m not proud – and have even been known to drink the occasional Rose too!

Which celebrity would you most like to have a beer with (dead or alive)? Not really a celebrity person, but I could enjoy some banter with a historical character… maybe a glass of Chianti or two with Leonardo da Vinci!

Contact Mike at Stockcheck HQ, Monday to Friday, on 01756 708 770 or by email – mike@stockcheck.co.uk